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A Place Called There

By Troy Culp
By Troy Culp 

It is difficult for us not to notice the corruption of many people and many officials in the world today. At times it seems anything goes in this sin sick world where the enemy has blinded the eyes of many.

We could ask ourselves how we are supposed to keep our lives and relationships with Christ where they need to be. Just because we give our lives to Christ, we still have to live in a world system that is getting more corrupt and evil everyday. I believe these are truly the last days where Christ said the days would be like the days of Noah where evil is counted as good and good is evil. Even from an economic standpoint people are losing jobs left and right and the stock market has gone into the tank. How are we to be like Christ and keep a Christ-like attitude in a world that at times appears to have gone totally mad? The Word tells us to occupy until Jesus returns for us and takes us home (Luke 19-13).

My friend, there is hope. Let's look to the Word of God where we find two instances where a famine had happened and the Lord kept His people safe. In Genesis 26:1-15 God's Word tells us about Isaac who was in the middle of a drought and was going to leave and go to Egypt to wait it out. The Lord told him to stay put and he would not only keep he and his family safe but He would prosper him. Isaac was obedient and reaped a 100-fold bumper crop right in the middle of the drought.

Another time in I Kings 17:2-16 we find where God took care of a prophet named Elijah in the midst of a failing economy. God fed him by ravens and later fed him again by a widow and her son.

In both of these instances people listened to the Lord, not the world or the world system. They were where the Lord told them to be and doing what the Lord told them to do. The lesson I believe we need to learn from these two Bible instances is that during these troubled times, we need to listen to the Lord and be in the right place at the right time where the Lord has ordained for us to be. We need to be in a place called "there". If Elijah or Isaac had gone some place other than the place the Lord had ordained, the Lord's provision for them would not have been there. It is only in the place God ordains for us called "there", that our provision will be and all we need to accomplish His kingdom come on earth, as it is in heaven will be provided. 

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